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We are Riviera Bespoke.
And over the past two years, we have spent time investing and redefining the current outlook of our company.

We already have a strong footprint in the market through our Alloy wheels and premium automotive dealership business branches, but now we are ready to step it up to the next level. Our primary focus is to establish a design house that creates cars with individual style. Introducing Riviera Bespoke.

Our brand values are composed of the following three words: astute, refined and visionary.


We’re an authority on the cars that we deal with. Our in-depth understanding of design principles enables us to enhance and amplify style.


Shouting is not our style. Conviction in our beliefs and our craftsmanship give us an air of calm confidence.


Our design values follow our own philosophy, balancing aesthetics, and engineering. This integrity is never diluted or compromised.

Brand Proposition

Our proposition is Refine Design. It’s about making changes for the better. Customising vehicles to add individualism, subtly and elegantly. It puts design at the heart of what we do. Combining aesthetics and performance, knowledge, and style, looking back at the original design values and taking it forward with your own vision.

Mission Statement

Riviera Bespoke creates cars with individuality. Cars that elevate the original by attending to every detail and following our own unique design philosophy and process. Every component is considered in line with its designer’s core vision. Every decision Is underpinned by engineering expertise. This is style backed up by substance, beauty that’s more than skin deep. It’s our balance of aesthetics and engineering that allows us to refine design.

Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy is the backbone of our brand and purpose as a business. Throughout everything we do, it all goes back to our philosophy:

Be bold
Riviera is driven by individuality. Purpose informs our aesthetic.

Be informed
Knowledge gives us power to generate designs that create style and go beyond.

Be true
With a comprehension of and respect for the original design values, we enhance and elevate them.

Be different
We create cars that are bold yet elegant, styled yet subtle, engineered yet individual.

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