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Your vision and our expertise, beautifully executed to create a style that’s personal to you.

Bring your dream to life by utilising our experienced automotive design and engineering teams. With a keen eye for luxury automotive fashion and an innovative team, your vision, creating a custom build has never been easier.

Handcrafted vehicles built exclusively for you, with Riviera Bespoke, the building of dreams is easy. Each commissioned vehicle from Riviera Bespoke is individually and expertly built to the specification of your choice. Our team will work with you to tailor or remodel your current vehicle or source and supply a new vehicle to be converted. The Riviera team of specialists is passionate about creating perfection that lasts.

Understanding your vision...

Commissioning a handcrafted vehicle is a dream that we achieve together. Through our extensive automotive design experience and your vision, we can create a signature product that you can be proud of.

Whether we are creating a bespoke build, designing top-quality automotive styling, supplying Range Rover body kits or simply consulting you on potential bespoke tailoring options, our team will sit with you and guide you through each step.

Working with your vision...

State-of-the-art minds require state-of-the-art technology to build the luxury SUV of your dreams. Our team of visual artists, with your vision in mind, use our industry-leading automotive design software to create a preview of your bespoke automotive product. Being able to see your design in real-time allows for us to work together and amend, update and finesse your dream car.

Expanding your vision...

Your dream car is finally ready and it’s everything you could have wanted. Beautiful bodywork, unique styling packages and crisp paintwork all have come together to create a true luxurious SUV. But an important element is missing. One piece of automotive styling that is a must-have for bespoke new vehicles is alloy wheels.

Riviera Alloy Wheels are the ultimate accessory for your bespoke vehicle. Each of our wheels is expertly designed and rigorously tested for the perfect, long-lasting fit for your car. To achieve the ultimate stance and ride quality, each and every Riviera alloy wheel range is handpicked and are designed in both forged and cast variants.

Tailoring your vision...

The skill of Riviera’s visual artists goes deeper than just bodywork and styling. The luxurious and bespoke leather interiors designed by our experts are unmatched in the automotive styling market. By combining artistic skill with your vision, we can create an array of bespoke and luxurious patterns in a host of high-quality automotive leathers. To create a vehicle that is truly yours, optional personalisation is also available.


Stunning luxury SUVs are individual works of art. From bespoke tailoring in each model to sleek bodywork, it takes years to perfect the craft. Over these years, our team has worked on an array of aftermarket styling projects and here are just a few of them.

Explore our previous builds from our vehicle portfolio. Follow a similar theme, or create a new trend.



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