Beneath the Beauty

Beneath the Beauty,
Our unique design philosophy and meticulous production process allow us to create cars with individuality and impeccable style.

We believe that true beauty is more than paint deep. Every detail, each individual stitch and sleek curve comes together to create a bigger, more beautiful picture. By utilising our impressive engineering and automotive design knowledge, and finite attentiveness, we are able to create cars that are greater than materialistic style. We are masters of combining luxury car modification with automotive design and engineering.

Design Philosophy

Be bold
Riviera is driven by individuality. Purpose informs our aesthetic.

Be informed
Knowledge gives us power to generate designs that create style, and go beyond.

Be true
With a comprehension of and respect for the original design values, we enhance and elevate them.

Be different
We create cars that are bold yet elegant, styled yet subtle, engineered yet individual.

Manufacturing Commitment

Luxury vehicle design requires attention to detail that goes beyond a simple paint job or trim. Every material used throughout our interior & exterior modifications is carefully considered and sourced to ensure optimum performance and driving experiences


To produce innovative cars that represent luxury and style, we must employ a level of engineering expertise in our production process. Rigorous testing, quality control and ongoing reviews take place at every key point and ensure that our line-up is continuously improving.

Key People

Vision. Imagination. Knowledge. Expertise. An abundance of qualities is required to create cars that enhance and elevate your experience. Our team are experts in their field, with the experience and ingenuity to deliver style with purpose.

  • Jav Mahmood

    CEO & Founder of the Riviera Group - the driving force behind Riviera Group, fuels innovation across our diverse ventures, including Riviera Bespoke, Riviera Automotive, and Tux Auto Design. With a focus on premium alloy wheels and international expansion, Jav's leadership is shaping the future of the automotive industry.

  • Raheel Mughal

    Head of Strategic Design & Development at Riviera Bespoke - the creative force behind Riviera Bespoke, manages our innovative automotive design, R&D, and social media presence. With over 6 years in Aftermarket and Body Kit design, he's the driving engine of our brand.

  • Your name here

    What value do you want to bring to Riviera Bespoke? Contact us and if we think you would be suitable, we'll be in touch!

Experience Riviera

Riviera is at the heart of premium 4x4 modification. Our team of automotive design experts pay attention to our customers to create an opulent and paramount car portfolio. We work to continuously personalise our service, so you express your individuality. Through a passion for beautiful cars, an unprecedented level of design and engineering expertise and a list of stunningly bespoke tailoring options, we are able to create a collection of luxury Riviera vehicles that are innovative and elegant.

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    Style whispers rather than shouts. Our wheels exude elegance, adding individuality to every vehicle they adorn.

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