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It’s all hands-on deck at Riviera Bespoke as we are busy working on the next automotive project to expand on the current line-up of our carefully curated vehicles. We already offer a Vogue kit in our existing portfolio; however, this next launch will be focussing on the MK II design of the former.

With that said, add-ons are being designed for the face-lift L405 Range Rover SVO models (2018-2021) and will feature tasteful upgrades all around the vehicle. The majority of our parts will be made in robust and durable, ABS plastic, with some areas featuring vacuum cast parts and there will of course be carry-over parts that we will utilise from our MK I Vogue programme.


Our goal when creating any kit is to work with integrity and respect for the original design, which we are basing the upgrades on. We then use our in-depth knowledge in automotive design to reimagine the aesthetic elements of the original vehicle to push the styling in a different, but complementary direction. By combining the two key phases, and being thorough in our R&D process, the vehicle has successfully been redefined by us. The key elements we wanted to get out of this programme is the simplicity and luxury that the glorious Range Rover SVO models already possess.

The first build of the Riviera Vogue MK II will be happening in the coming months and the vehicle will be available to purchase in our showroom by Summer 2022.

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